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About Us

Sharon named the Foundation in memory of her step-sister and loving confidant, Juliet Viola Kniffen. Juliet, who passed away from breast cancer in 2021, left a lasting impact on everyone she encountered with her loving attitude, strong sense of compassion, and unwavering kindness.  Despite the many health challenges that she faced, Juliet maintained her optimistic outlook and a strong desire to help others, dedicating herself to making a positive difference in the world by being active in community, social justice, and environmental causes. Through the Foundation, Sharon hopes to uphold Juliet’s legacy of advocacy and make meaningful contributions to causes close to both their hearts. 

Image of Juliet Viola Kniffen

The JVK Foundation was established in 2023 by Philadelphia-based philanthropist Sharon Yoh. Sharon was inspired to start the Foundation by her own journey as a patient as well as by the experiences of close friends and loved ones living with chronic health conditions. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and with Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome in 2018, Sharon has encountered many obstacles and challenges in her search for answers and quality care. From these experiences grew a desire to help create change within the healthcare system. The JVK Foundation Team consists of providers and patients passionate about women’s health. We are proud to support advocates in their efforts to ensure access to quality care and improved health outcomes for those affected by chronic health conditions.

Board of Directors

Sharon Yoh (President & Chairperson)

Kristen Yoh, CNM (Secretary)

Erica Fletcher, PT MTC 

Contact Us

Sam Yoh, MSW

Vice President, The JVK Foundation

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