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Funding Priorities 

The JVK Foundation seeks to fund projects and organizations working to improve women’s health outcomes and address gender bias in healthcare. We are specifically interested in funding medical research studies and educational initiatives focused on both largely female-specific conditions and conditions that disproportionately affect women.

Though we remain flexible in our approach, our current priority is on projects that address the following: 

  • Impact, diagnosis, and management of chronic conditions and related research studies

  • Improved intervention methodologies and access to care

  • Stigma and gender bias in healthcare research and practice settings

  • Healthcare policy advocacy and change

  • Increased awareness and education among healthcare professionals

The JVK Foundation offers both general operating and program-specific funding, ensuring that our assistance is tailored to the specific needs of each grantee. Additionally, we maintain a strong commitment to our local community and have earmarked funds to support smaller and underfunded projects in the Philadelphia region. Our giving range is open, but typically lies between $5,000 and $35,000/year for up to 3 years.  

Application Process

At this time, the JVK Foundation accepts full grant proposals by invitation only. However, if you believe you are a good fit for us and would like to reach out about a grant opportunity, please submit a letter of inquiry to


Letters of inquiry should not exceed 2 pages and should include: 

  • The grantseeker's title and contact information;

  • The names, titles, and affiliations of other key members of the project, if applicable;

  • A description of the nature of the proposed project and/or work to be supported

  • Organizational budget, an estimate of the total cost of the project (if seeking a programmatic grant) & the proposed grant amount 

  • Projected start and end dates

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